Debt Diversions: Why Staying Away from Pay-Day Loans is Crucial

There is a lot that goes into being able to handle your debt balances. In many cases, those who don’t borrow more than they can afford to repay tend to be better off financially. However, avoiding potentially predatory payday loans can also play a role in paying down a debt balance in a timely manner. […]

7 Tips for Keeping Your Bank Account Absolutely Secure

So many things today are done virtually. You can pay your bills online, work off of the Internet, and even manage your bank accounts from your mobile device. It’s a convenient way to access your money and shop for the items that you need, but it can leave your bank account vulnerable to security breaches. […]

Why 80 Percent of Americans Shop Online

According to a recent study, almost 80 percent of all Americans currently shop online. This number is up from only about 22 percent in 2000, and this is solid evidence that online shopping is more than just a passing trend. Some shoppers even complete most or all of their shopping online, and many make purchases […]

How to Navigate Through the Emotional Baggage of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be both financially and emotionally devastating. While you may be feeling a sense of financial relief because you no longer have creditors breathing down your neck, you may also be reeling from the emotional impact of the lengthy legal process and the many months of financial stress leading up to your decision to […]

How Do Newly Divorced Individuals Determine Alimony and Child Support

Unfortunately, divorce has become a reality that touches almost every family in one way or another. And when they happen, divorces can have a profound impact on a person’s finances. In her article, Ten Reasons Not to Get a Divorce,  author  Sharilee Swaity says, “The longer a couple stays married, the more time they have had […]

Money Management: 5 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Money

Most people know that they need to save money and budget better, and many feel the pressure to make ends meet. However, taking the time to budget can give you more control of your finances. This in turn brings you peace of mind like nothing else will and allows you to more easily make ends […]

How Building A New Home Can Actually Save You Money In The Long Run

Home ownership is one of the things that marks success for most Americans. It is seen as a mark of status and of adulthood. However, there are a lot of things to consider when becoming a homeowner, and there are several ways building a home can save you money when compared to buying a preexisting […]

Six Ways You Can Save Money On Holiday Gifts This Year

It can be tempting to not break your budget when buying holiday gifts. Between finding perfect gifts and buying for more people than planned, there are many ways to overspend. Here are six ways you can save money on the gifts you buy this year. Make Your Own Making your own gifts doesn’t just save […]

What You Need to Know about a Mesothelioma Claim

If you were exposed to asbestos and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may have a legitimate lawsuit that you can file. If you are considering a mesothelioma lawsuit, meeting with a lawyer is the best way to find out if you can recover some damages for your case. If you were exposed to asbestos […]