What Impact Does Divorce Have on Your Finances?

In a dual income household, divorce essentially reduces your income in half. This can have a devastating impact on your financial future. According to Marripedia, “Economically, women suffer more from divorce than men. Though child support helps a woman avoid poverty after divorce, it does not help as much as most think. Over 35 percent […]

4 Life-Changing Events that Could Tank Your Finances

In an instant, life as you know it could never be the same. That’s how quickly a life-changing event could tank your finances. Without advance preparation, you could very well see your savings depleted instantly, your credit cards maxed out, and find yourself without money to live off. Four events are particularly devastating in nature—physically, […]

How Do Newly Divorced Individuals Determine Alimony and Child Support

Unfortunately, divorce has become a reality that touches almost every family in one way or another. And when they happen, divorces can have a profound impact on a person’s finances. In her article, Ten Reasons Not to Get a Divorce,  author  Sharilee Swaity says, “The longer a couple stays married, the more time they have had […]