6 Budgeting Pointers to Get Your Finances Back on Track

Money problems are one of the major things that people stress about. Living paycheck-to-paycheck with debt hanging over your head is very difficult (and stressful). Fortunately, there are things that you can do in order to get your finances back on track. 1) Keep Track of Your Spending Many people live above their means because […]

What Impact Does Divorce Have on Your Finances?

In a dual income household, divorce essentially reduces your income in half. This can have a devastating impact on your financial future. According to Marripedia, “Economically, women suffer more from divorce than men. Though child support helps a woman avoid poverty after divorce, it does not help as much as most think. Over 35 percent […]

Does a College Degree Make You a Better Financial Adviser?

When you’re considering going into the field of financial advising, you have different paths that you could pursue. In fact, you may even wonder if procuring a college degree is necessary at all. While you could have a successful career without one, consider the ways in which a degree can help you to succeed. Building […]

Guide to Turning Your Short-Term Savings into Long-Term Investment

So, you’ve taken the first step in taking charge of your finances and finally opened that savings account. Hooray! Now, what’s next? Having a savings account is great, as you keep money from being spent on impulsive purchases. But if you’re really good at it, you could utilize the 1%-something interest rates for savings accounts […]

Personal Finance Strategy: 4 Keys to Avoiding Bankruptcy

Despite how hopeless your situation may seem, it is possible to avoid bankruptcy. Granted, when people get to this point, they usually feel like there is nothing they can do about their financial dire straits. However, this isn’t always the case. According to A Fresh Start: 4 Reasons Bankruptcy Is Not As Bad As You Think “There are […]

Ideas to Improve Your Money Management Skills

We learn about the usefulness of money from a very young age. But, we’re not always taught how to manage it properly. Often we’re forced to learn by example… thus, we look at our parents’ or friends’ experience. Did they save or spend most of their earnings? Did they have any debt?  Was it good debt […]

5 Ways To Make Managing Your Finances Easier

When it comes to money we all want it, but many of us don’t understand how to manage it. Our paychecks somehow seem to dwindle down quickly and we’re always waiting to be handed the next one. Managing your finances doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you take some action by following through […]

Investing for Safety

New and low-risk investors are understandably cautious about losing money. Generally, if the return of your capital is more important than the return on your capital then the appreciation of your capital will generally be lower. To put it another way, if you are willing to accept a bit more risk you might get a […]

What to Know Before Getting a New Bank Account

Whether you’re opening your first bank account, or simply switching financial institutions, there are some variations across different banks. Being aware of these potential issues will help you avoid fees, and get the most out of your account. If you have a choice of different account types, understanding all of the rights and responsibilities of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Forex Market

Generally, in order to purchase goods or services from another nation, an individual, business or government must use the currency of said nation. To facilitate this international trade, foreign exchange (Forex) currency is bought and sold around the world. What is Forex? Forex is the exchange of national currencies to facilitate international trade. For example, […]