How to Maximize Your Investments & Grow Your Wealth

Everyone knows that they should set aside some amount of money for investment purposes. What isn’t so commonly known, however, is how to optimize your investments for greater stability and better returns. Here are four tips that investors should keep in mind as they build their investment portfolios. Balance Risk and Return Many investors, particularly […]

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are a relatively new form of investing in which an individual can speculate on the direction of the market, or an individual stock or even a currency. Like typical options “Binaries” involve an underlying vehicle like a stock but unlike a typical option all settlements are in cash and you can’t take delivery […]

Wedding a Part of Your Portfolio to an Annuity… with Little Hope of a Quickie Divorce.

By Dennis Miller Are annuities the greatest thing since sliced bread? Well, no, but they do make sense for some investors as part of their portfolio. However, we have to shop wisely and not allow sales agents to push us into the wrong products just to fatten their own wallets. Unfortunately, that makes some folks […]

What is the Monte Carlo Method?

The Monte Carlo method was invented in the late 1940s by Stanislaw Ulam, while he was working on nuclear weapon projects at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It was named after the Monte Carlo Casino, where Ulam’s uncle often gambled. Ulam and John von Neumann programmed the ENIAC computer to carry out Monte Carlo calculations. Monte Carlo Method […]

5 Reasons Why People Use Binary Options

Binary Options are gaining in popularity. Let’s find out what makes them so appealing and why traders are switching from trading Forex, stocks or commodities to trading Binary Options. 1.) Accessibility Trading stocks or other assets requires a large amount of starting capital. You can get access to the same markets by trading binaries. The minimum investment needed […]