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Educational Cost Comparisons

When making decisions about education, it goes without saying that you want your children to have the best possible education. A good education is essential to being successful in our constantly evolving world. At the same time, education can be expensive, so you want to find a school that fits your budget and your lifestyle. You may think that public school is all your family is able to afford, but that may not always be the case. Read on for a cost comparison between public and online schools.

Public School vs. Online

Many people think of the 12 years of public school as free education, but that is not really the case. While public schools do not require tuition from students, there are many costs associated. Better schools tend to be in locations where the taxes are higher and the homes cost more. If you want your children to go to the best public schools, then you will need to live in a district that will often cost your family more on your mortgage and taxes. There are also many other costs associated with public schools, including supplies, clothes, and transportation if your children cannot take the school bus. If your children want to participate in extracurricular activities like sports or band, there are costs there as well. So while people may say that public school is free, attending the best public schools are not always a family’s most affordable option.

The Cost of Online Schools

The costs of online school can vary from school to school. Some are free if they are accepted as a public school in your state and are actually paid for by the state. This will vary from state to state, with different online schools varying as well. Outside of tuition, for online schools you will only have the cost of a computer (which your child will likely need for a physical public school as well) and supplies. As most of the work will be done online, supplies will be minimal compared to what you will buy in a physical school.

Comparing Traditional Public School and Online Public School

When considering the costs of a traditional public school and an online public school, there are many factors to take into consideration. First, you must think of the hidden costs associated with a traditional public school. You face paying more for a home and spending more each year in taxes to make sure your children are attending the best public schools in your area. You also have costs like supplies for the many projects your child will do in a traditional school, uniforms or appropriate school clothes, and possibly even transportation costs.

When it comes to online school, if it is supported by your state, you will have minimal costs. You will not have to pay tuition. If you do have to pay tuition, it is often very affordable. Some online schools in Iowa are now providing “public school” i.e. tuition free education.  Other costs will include a computer, internet service, a printer, ink and paper. You may also have to purchase minimal office supplies like pencils and notebooks. Most of the supplies you would need to buy for an online public school you would also have to buy for a traditional public school, and then some.

When making decisions regarding your children’s education, you have other options beyond a traditional public school or a private school. In many cases, it may actually be cheaper for your children to attend an online public school than a traditional public school, as there are not as many costs associated. It is important when making these decisions that you carefully weight out all of your options and make sure you know all of the costs.

Saving on College Expenses

Once you’ve covered the expense of K through 12 you still have the expenses involved in a higher education. The following infographic from Earnest.com provides some info and tips on reducing college costs.

cost of college tips

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