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Shopping Therapy: Best Stores for Finding a Bargain

Staying within a budget for your monthly shopping expenses can be tough. While you may want to spend less, it’s hard to know where to go. Thankfully, there are certain stores you can shop at and still find great savings.


The world’s largest online retailer certainly is a good place to look for a deal. Amazon’s marketplace sellers often offer products new or used well below retail prices. If you are concerned about paying for shipping and handling, you can either spend $35 total, or implement a month long Amazon Prime trial to receive free shipping.


Nordstrom’s may not seem like a choice to save at, since the company has the reputation of an upscale fashion retailer, but you can still get great steals here. While the branding may be upscale, you can actually save a lot of money at Nordstrom’s by implementing their many company wide sales. You can also sign up to receive coupons for both their retail and online stores through your e-mail. Look for bargain deals at sites like Discountrue where you can get Nordstrom coupon codes.


In recent years, K-Mart has taken a backseat to Walmart and Target in regards to rapid expansion of huge retail chains. However, just because most K-Mart locations are older, doesn’t mean you still can’t find plenty of fantastic deals. The markdown prices K-Mart routinely puts on its apparel are some of the best in the industry. Their “Shop Your Way” points system for frequent shoppers is also one of the most generous for any large retail operation and keeps loyal customers coming back.


ALDI is a supermarket chain with 10,000 locations in 18 different countries. Not only is it widely known, it is branded as the premier discount supermarket. It is true you can find pretty much every grocery staple at an ALDI store for much cheaper than you would at other supermarkets. Buying a good deal of your groceries from an ALDI location can result in significant weekly savings in your budget.


While you may associate eBay with bidding wars over collector’s items and antiques, eBay offers far more than that. You can find pretty much any consumer product, even food items, on eBay. You also don’t have to bid for certain products. You can use the “buy it now” feature to bypass the bidding process, and you’ll often save plenty of money doing so.

Overall, finding places to save takes a little bit of work. However, finding new places to shop that can really stretch your dollar is always worth the extra effort.

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