What is a Building Survey or Evaluation?

building EvaluationUnlike a land survey which simply determines the property lines and locates any survey pins or property markers and documents those locations, a building survey is a specialized report generated by an expert team containing a variety of specific information regarding the physical condition of a building. It is generally required for mid-size to large building purchases and projects.

A Typical Building Evaluation will include:

  • A map of the Vicinity or neighborhood with a map of the specific site
  • A detailed description of the property including all systems including HVAC, Electric, etc.
  • A review of local codes and building compliance
  • A detailed list of all items that need repair or replacement
  • A photographic record of  any required repairs
  • A detailed estimate of required costs to effect repair
  • Projected costs of capital expenditures over a multi-year period
  • Recommendations for improvements that will enhance the value of the property

Other Evaluations that Can be Added if Necessary:

  • Structral evaluations and risk related to earthquakes etc.
  • Elevator assessments
  • Replacement cost estimates
  • Handicapped Accessibility (ADA)
  • Government Record Research
  • Verification of Square Footage
  • Diagnostics of specific problems

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