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How Turning Your House Into a Smart Home Can Save You Money

Technology continues to improve in ways that can make your life easier. Many of these technological advancements can also save you money. You may be skeptical of all the new gadgets that are on the market. Here are the benefits of making your house a smart home.

Automatic Temperature Control

Smart home technology has advanced considerably over the years. Having your whole home wired gives you more energy saving features. Using less energy saves you money. Installing a smart thermostat allows you to better regulate the temperature in your home. This system can automatically adjust the temperature when you leave home. It also has the ability to know that you have returned so that it can adjust the thermostat accordingly. Pairing this system with window sensors allows the HVAC system to respond to your needs. No need to turn off the air conditioning when you open a window. The smart thermostat will automatically do it for you. This saves you money by not wasting energy. Exterior temperature sensors will determine if your HVAC system needs to run more frequently. This allows for more efficient energy usage.

Energy Usage Regulation

Everyone has those appliances in their homes that they hardly ever use. Things like the toaster oven or the blender don’t get used that often. You may only use your coffee maker first thing in the morning. These appliances are left plugged in even when you aren’t using them. This can cause a slow drain on your electric bill especially for electronics that have the D/C adapter block which basically uses energy to convert the wall power (A/C) to D/C whether the appliance is actually using any D/C or not.  Sohaving all of these appliances plugged in is costing you money. You can unplug every item when you aren’t using it. Another solution is to install a home energy monitoring module. These devices plug in to your appliances or other items. They function by monitoring if the device is being used. If it senses that the device is not in use, it cuts the power. This saves you money on your electric bill. You can still leave the device plugged in and not worry about wasting money.

Door Lock Features

Forgetting to lock your doors can prove to be a costly mistake. Maybe you forgot to close your garage door. This is a tempting target to thieves. With home automation, a sensor will alert you to the fact that you drove off with the garage door still open. This gives you the opportunity to remotely close the garage door. You also have the ability to schedule when you want your garage door to be closed each night. No more getting up in the middle of the night to check if you remembered to close it. You can also be notified if you forgot to lock your front door. Some smart door locks will even automatically lock the door for you if leave home with it unlocked. Just as with the garage door, you have the ability to remotely lock your front door. Pairing this feature with a doorbell camera can even allow you to unlock the door remotely if your kids forgot their keys.

Flood Detection Abilities

You may have had the experience of coming home and finding that a pipe broke. The resulting flood damage to your home can cost you a lot. Then there is the stress of having to file an insurance claim. It may take weeks or months to get your home back into pre-flood shape. Having a flood sensor can help save you the time and stress of dealing with this disaster. This works by sending you an alert if water is detected in an area that it doesn’t belong. You can also install them in your kitchen and bathrooms to detect a leak earlier. Maybe you have a basement that is prone to flooding. Having this device allows you to stop the source of the flooding before the resulting damage can occur. An alert can be sent to your phone or your home panel. It gives you a chance to prevent a potentially costly disaster.

There are many benefits to having a smart home. Consider these features of how home automation can save you money.

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